CA House offers a wide variety of events and programs that further its ministry and the values of social justice and spiritual formation . . .

CA House Programs

CA House offers a wide variety of events and programs that further its ministry and the values of social justice and spiritual formation. They include programs for Christian worship, faith education, intentional living, service projects, community building, and personal growth. All programs are open to all students. Some of the regular programs we offer throughout the academic year:

Christian Fellowship, Mondays at 6:15 pm

Join us for Christian Fellowship every Monday Night at 6:15 pm. CA House Christian Fellowship helps meld social justice and faith together in conversations that revolve around current events and how our faith guides us to be agents of change. Each Monday a simple dinner is provided. All faiths are welcome!

Multifaith Living Community

BannerLogoOpened in 2008, the Multifaith Living Community at CA House is a unique and inclusive residential environment for 40 students of all faiths.  Dedicated to the practice of mutual understanding through sharing beliefs with each other, seeking justice, and welcoming all, students live in townhouse groups of 6-7, participating in service projects with house groups and in the events of the larger CA House community.

Most rooms are singles, though a few doubles are available.  Applications for the following academic year begin in January.  All leases are twelve months and begin September 1.  Short term leases may be available from time to time.

Learn more about the MLC here.

Open Table, Wednesdays at 6:00 pm

Dinner – Wednesday night continues to be the centerpiece of our programmatic ministry. Each week, the main dining room fills with students who come, pray and then enjoy a student prepared vegetarian, kosher meal that utilizes fresh local organic produce grown and harvested by our own students through our partnership with the University student farm.  All connected with the university are warmly welcomed.

Program – Education about others’ beliefs is most effectively done by understanding that faith traditions are lived experiences, incorporated into the daily practices, influenced by culture, connected often to family traditions.  Providing set aside time to learn about each others’ practices is an important part of building relationships and growing spiritually.  At CA House, a significant time for education is during our weekly programs after the Wednesday night dinner. As students present about their own faith, the ability to articulate faith and practice is strengthened.  As students hear peers sharing about their faith and practice, many are motivated to develop the same ability for articulation and compelled to clarify different aspects of their beliefs. The weekly program is a rich time for deepening with compassion and joy.

Small Groups

The Multifaith Living Community (MLC) offers a program of small groups. These facilitated groups of 5-8 people meet throughout the week. Students select the group based on the availability of their schedules. Groups are open to all students who want to benefit from a small mentored community.

The purpose of small group is to explore the heights of the “big questions” of life while integrating new awareness into the lived experiences of students. It is an opportunity to grow in self-realization while developing the capacity to engage difference. It provides an environment of safety as existing paradigms and beliefs are critically examined and it activates spaces for new ideas to emerge. The small group offers opportunities for students to express themselves through their unique voices while learning how to participate in constructive dialogue.

Finally, the MLC’s small groups function as an environment of connection and support as students navigate the challenges of college life. They also become focused communities of accountability where students are not only heard, but learn how to truly show up for each other with full attention and care.

Quarterly Retreats

Retreats are a wonderful way to gain perspective on life in Davis, find rest and grow in relationship with the CA House community. Each quarter, a retreat is offered to support community life and further the educational program at CA House. In fall 2013, our retreat is September 22-23. At this time, we’ll get to know one another, reflect on our own life journeys, cultures and faith, and set up small groups for the year. Each student will have the opportunity to engage with mentors and consider what service project to invest in for the year.